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VI International Internet-conference "Modern solutions of scientific and industrial problems in chemistry and petrochemistry»

      Scientific and Production Center "Panhimtech" ("Kazan National Research Technological University") invites you to take part in the III International Internet Conference "Modern Solutions of Scientific and Industrial Problems in Chemistry and Petrochemistry". Acceptance of applications is already open.

    Scientists, young researchers, students, graduate students, workers of industrial enterprises and scientific research institutes whose scientific interests are connected with the conference topics are invited to participate.

       Conference in absentia. Participation is free. Following the results of the conference, participants will be sent certificates in electronic form.

To participate in the conference it is necessary to fill in the registration form and send an article  to the address:

Key Dates:

01.03.2021 - the beginning of the work of the organizing committee, the reception of applications and articles, registration of participants.

15.05.2021 - the end of the acceptance of articles.

16.05.2021 - 25.05.2021 a meeting of the organizing committee, examination of materials, summing-up.

01.06.2021 - distribution of electronic certificates of participants with indication of section.

Conference sections

  1. Modern trends in the development of oil production and treatment technologies

  2. Oil refining and petrochemistry - new technological solutions

  3. Innovative development of technologies of basic organic and petrochemical synthesis

  4. New solutions in the field of catalysis and catalytic systems

  5. Perspective directions for the synthesis of organic substances

  6. Actual pedagogical problems of training for the chemical industry

  7. Economic tasks in the petrochemical industry

Requirements for articles

Style requirements:

  • The volume of articles from 2 to 5 pp .;

  • File format: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx);

  • A4 paper format;

  • Sheet parameters: margins: upper - 1.8 cm, lower - 1.8 cm, left - 2 cm, right - 2 cm;

  • Font: Times New Roman, 14 pt; justified alignment;

  • line spacing - 1,5; indent red line 1,25 cm;

  • Figures in the format: jpg, gif, bmp with a resolution of at least 300 dpi;

  • The number of cited sources is at least 5.


Structure of the article

- Article title; data on authors; Abstract and Keywords

- The text of the article;

- References;

- Sign of copyright protection - ©, full name of the author (s) and year.

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